Adding and Removing Users in Your Proxy List

Before you can act as a proxy for someone, that person must give you proxy rights in his or her Proxy Access List in Options, and you must add that person’s name to your Proxy List. The amount of access you have depends on the rights you are given.

  1. On the main WebAccess page, click Proxy on the toolbar.

  2. To remove a user, select the name, then click Remove.

  3. To add a user, type the name, then click Login.

    The user’s Mailbox is opened. The name of the person for whom you are acting as proxy is displayed at the top of the Folder List.

  4. To return to your own Mailbox, click Logout.

Removing a user from your Proxy List does not remove your rights to act as proxy for that user. The user whose Mailbox you access must change your rights in his or her Proxy Access List.

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