Changing Your LDAP Password

If your GroupWise administrator has turned on LDAP authentication and has disabled changing your LDAP password in GroupWise WebAccess, you might need to use a different application to change your password. Contact your GroupWise administrator for more information.

  1. On the main WebAccess page, click the Options icon, then click Options.

  2. Click the Password tab.

  3. In the old password field, type the password you want to change.

  4. In the new password field, type the new password.

  5. In the Confirm field, type the new password again, then click Save.

When you change your password in GroupWise WebAccess, you change it for your GroupWise Mailbox. That means that you always use the same password to log in to your GroupWise Mailbox whether you are using GroupWise WebAccess or another GroupWise client.

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