Creating and Saving a Personal Group

  1. On the main WebAccess page, click the Contacts tab.

  2. Click the personal address book you want to add the group to.

  3. Click Group.

  4. Specify the following information:

    Select Address Book: Click the drop-down list if you want to add the group to a different address book than the one that is already selected.

    Group Name: Specify a name for the group.

    Members: Begin typing the name of a member that you want to add to the group, then click Add (or press Enter) when the name appears. Repeat for each user you want to add to the group.

    You can click Address Selector to search for and select each user, as described in Using the Address Selector.

    Comments: Specify any comments concerning the group, such as a description of the group.

  5. Click Save & Close to save the group in the personal address book.

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