Limiting Items Affected by a Rule

Use Define Optional Condition options to further limit the items affected by a rule.

  1. On the Rules page, click the first drop-down list, then click a field.

    To learn about what the fields represent, see Understanding Rule Fields.

  2. Click the operator drop-down list, then click an operator.

    To learn how to use operators, see Using Rule Operators.

  3. Type the criteria for the rule.

    If you type criteria, such as a person’s name or a subject, you can include wildcard characters such as an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?). Text you type is not case-sensitive.

    To learn more about wildcard characters and switches, see Using Rule Wildcard Characters and Switches.

  4. Click Save, verify that the rule has a check mark next to it indicating that it is enabled, then click Close.

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