Moving an Item from Another Folder to the Tasklist Folder

A common way to place items in the Tasklist folder is to move those items from other folders. For example, you might receive an appointment for a meeting where you are expected to give a brief presentation. You can add that appointment to your Tasklist folder so it reminds you that you have a presentation coming up.

  1. Open the folder containing the item you want to make into a task, then open that item.

  2. Click Move.

  3. Click the Tasklist folder.

    You can move the task to the top or bottom of the list by using the arrows in the right corner of your Tasklist page.

  4. Open the newly moved item, the click Tasklist.

  5. Select Activate Tasklist due date and select a due date.

  6. Click Save.

In the Calendar, the items display with a check box to the left of them. When you complete an item in the Tasklist, you can mark it complete by selecting the check box.

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