Publishing a Personal Calendar

You cannot publish the main GroupWise Calendar; you can only publish a personal or shared calendar.

NOTE:Published calendars display as part of a Web address for identification. Special characters like “!”, “@”, “#”, “{“, should not be used as part of the calendar name, because it might cause the calendar to display incorrectly in the Calendar Publishing Host.

  1. In the Calendar Folder List, right-click the calendar you want to publish, then click Publish.

  2. Select Publish.

  3. Select the time period.

    Select Entire Calendar to send your entire calendar.


    Select Previous to send part of your calendar. If you select Previous, you must specify a range of days to send.

  4. Select Include Private Items to include private items.

  5. To send someone a link to your published calendar, click Send Publish Link.

    If you click Send Publish Link, a new email message is opened with a link. Select who you want to send the message to, then click Send.

  6. Click Save, then click Close.

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